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Our Story

Our ministry story begins when expecting our first child in 1990!

Our neighbor, Barbie, told Chris that the church orchestra was in need of a guitar for the upcoming Christmas program and Chris agreed to go and volunteer for the spot. Through that program and the need for him to be in their church service to play the ‘special’ leading up to and after the program, Chris heard the Gospel clearly and knew he had to get his eternal destination settled. By Mother’s Day 1991, Chris had accepted Christ as his Savior and followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. Check out our Prayer Letters page to get more of the story!


Our Approach

Serving out of faithfulness, not for anything we have done but solely because of what Jesus has done for us.

Our Fields of Service

We definitely are a product of “Be a Missionary Where You Are” – everywhere is a mission field!

Liberty Baptist Church (Dr. Gary Jackson) is where we grew up in the Lord. Chris was schooled and ordained at LBC, and received his Certificate of Ordination in August 2002. We first arrived in Kapuskasing, ON (which is about 11 hours north of Toronto) in December 2004.

Next we spent December 2006 to September 2008 in the Barrie, ON area helping North Country Baptist Church. Pastor Len Crow and Chris made survey trips into Parry Sound and Manitoulin Island and Sudbury. In the summer of 2008, our family took the trip to survey again and found the Lord opening all the doors to Espanola, ON which is the main access by car to Manitoulin Island. We started Faithful Providor Baptist Church in 2009 with a week of meetings under a big tent.

As the Lord has never chosen to provide a church building in which to meet, after several years of meeting in various rooms we made the decision to establish our sunroom as the sanctuary for Faithful Providor Baptist Church. In addition to regular services, we also hold outings for kids, luncheons and excursions as well as dinner on the grounds occasionally.