Chris & Sherri Raguth

In December 2019, our ministry changed after Chris retired from his secular work and we made the decision to sell our home with plans to go on the road. A new ministry began. We went mobile! Snowbirding! 6 months in the United States, 6 months in Canada.

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We now live in our 26 foot travel trailer, which we love, with our dog (BG).


Chris & Sherri ON THE ROAD RIG


Then covid-19 happened…and kept happening.

As of June 2020 we headed back to Canada to spend the summer visiting our kids and helping Near North Baptist Church and the Sudbury Gospel Mission work that Pastor Wadley and Chris started back in 2018. And the borders closed…and stayed closed…and stayed closed!

As you can imagine, you don’t live in a travel trailer for the winter in Canada (not in ours anyway)! We thought that our travel would be considered essential and tried to come back into the United States October 23. But! Since Chris had to surrender his US green card when we moved to Canada – the US Border Agents deemed our travel was not essential as they were not allowing non-status individuals to cross the border by land. (Not freezing was not essential??)

The Lord worked it out though. Folks who attend Near North Baptist Church in North Bay, ON with us came to the rescue. When they heard of our situation, a very gracious couple offered to rent their empty studio apartment in their basement to us on a weekly basis and what a blessing!

So it is now February 2021 and the border is still closed. Chris works with Pastor Wadley almost daily and I am working from home. I do virtual assisting (websites, email, ecommerce, etc.) as Secret Weapon Media as well as Nurtural Bitless Bridles by Circle-X.

What’s next?

As soon as the snow melts and the temperatures are manageable in a travel trailer again, we will move back into our home on wheels. Chris will give me a crash course in driving our rig safely (he has done all the driving in the past year). In the fall, Lord willing, we will attempt to take this show on the road again. Once we are on the road, it’s our desire and intent to find small works that can use a helping hand and pitch in where we can.

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